Can I add to my current open order?

~ Possibly, depending what your order number is and what current orders are at. Just send us an email to find out more information at barkbuddiesshop@gmail.com


Can I become a Model?

~ We do Crew searches a few times a year through our instagram. We choose dog accounts that are public and active. We also look for people who are supportive with our brand.


Can I have free things for Giveaways, Sponsorship, Collaborations, Reviews and etc?

~ NO! This is the one MOST question that comes in our DMs on a daily. PLEASE don’t ask small shops for FREE things! We work extremely hard to bring you these amazing products. You do not walk into Petsmart and ask for FREE things, please don’t ask small shops.


Can I combine my Website & Etsy order?

~ We ask that you keep theses order separate. Combining them can cause a mix up or delay in either order and we would not want to cause anyone to wait twice as long.


Do you do custom orders?

~  YES! We offer many forms for Custom Orders. Our most popular is sending us fabric to create your bandana or bowtie. We do offer 40% off these types of customs. Please reach out if you have any questions.