Our Bowties are the perfect accessory for your next dapper occasion.

They have two different attachments to choose from.


Elastic is our most popular. The elastic is measured to go around your dogs/cats neck in inches with no collar needed. This is the perfect choice for those pups who rather wear a harness.


Elastic Collar is the perfect attachment to go over a collar and stay on strong during your dapper occasion! This is our newest attaching method and becoming VERY popular!


Velcro is another great option for pups who wear collars and or harnesses regularly. The Velcro wraps around the dogs/cats collar or harness.

Choose from Elastic or Velcro attachments.
Elastic ~ Please loosely measure your furry friends neck.
Velcro ~ No need to measure your friends neck as it will attach to your friends collar

Bowtie Size:

Small 2" x 4"
Medium 3” x 5”
Large 4” x 6”

Use Of BBS Products:
BBS is not held responsible for any misuse of this product or any of our products. It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine the proper use of this product.

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